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October $1M Scholarship Initiative

Oct 01 2019

This October, grab your share of over $1,000,000 in scholarships and discounts.

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September MCAT Sale

Sep 01 2019

4 Days ONLY: Save up to $2,600 on the most-effective MCAT program in the country!

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Premier Self-Paced MCAT Study Package

Aug 12 2019

Everything you need for the MCAT, for thousands of dollars less than other self-paced or on-demand MCAT courses. Study on your own, or form a study group. The Altius Premier Self-Paced Study Package has everything else covered.

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Early Enrollment Discounts

Aug 12 2019

We're offering enormous tuition discounts to all 2020 examinees who enroll early, before August 31, 2019.

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Ultra-Low-Cost MCAT Prep for Disadvantaged Students

Aug 05 2019

Our new Elite MCAT Classroom Course is so aggressively is BREAKING the MCAT prep industry. In our opinion, it's about time. The status quo Big Box prep companies have held MCAT Prep hostage long enough!

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Fall Accelerated Track

Aug 02 2019

Ideal for students planning to test in January 2020. Get the same highly-acclaimed Altius MCAT System, but finish in only 12 short weeks!

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Aug 01 2019

Our goal is to create an idyllic work environment where ambitious, elite-character professionals will feel appreciated, rewarded, and fulfilled. If you're naturally driven, ambitious, and care deeply for others...Altius could be your new home.

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$400,000 in MCAT Scholarships

Jun 17 2019

Altius is looking for 200 of the most talented and ambitious pre-meds in the U.S. and Canada, and we're offering up $400,000 in scholarships to recruit them. 

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New AMCAS Advantage Program

May 10 2019

Know exactly how Admissions Officers will react to your Medical School Application...BEFORE you submit it.

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Free MCAT Course w/ Premier Self-Paced Study Package

Jan 26 2019

An incredible Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer from the nation's fastest-growing MCAT program. Purchase our $2,199 Premier Self-Paced Package for only $699 (2/3 OFF) and receive a $2,499 MCAT Classroom Course for FREE!

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15-Buck MCAT Offer

Oct 05 2018

Get $315 of elite MCAT prep for only $15.

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Altius Test Prep GUARANTEES Students a 90th-Percentile MCAT Score

Aug 14 2018

Altius Test Prep sets a groundbreaking new standard in the MCAT prep industry by guaranteeing its students a 90th-percentile score on the MCAT!

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The #1 Way to Kill Your Medical School Application—Why You Should NOT Sell Yourself to the Admissions Committee

Jul 01 2018

You have missed every football game for the last two seasons. You really—and I mean really—wanted to go to that party you were invited to last week at the sorority house. But, you didn't.

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Renowned Altius MCAT Program Now Available Everywhere in the United States and Canada.

Jun 05 2018

We are pleased to announce that the critically-acclaimed Altius MCAT Prep Program is now available to students living anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. If you can access the internet using your laptop, Mac, or PC—or if you have cellular service for your mobile device—you have the best MCAT prep program in the country right at your fingertips!

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Premeds need to repent of this one awful sin...

May 15 2018

Admissions officers are cake connoisseurs. They know it is the moisture, the crumb texture, and—above all else—the flavor of the cake that really matters most, and is the most difficult to produce. If you serve them a steaming cow pie with a dollop of Cool Whip, they will see it for exactly what it is and they will not bite.

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New Altius Perfect-Match MCAT-2015 Practice Test Package.

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