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Half-Tuition Scholarships & Buy-1-Get-1-FREE

Jan 08 2019

Elite MCAT Mentoring...affordable for everyone.

Half-Tuition scholarships for everyone? Buy-One-Get-One-Free MCAT courses? This is crazy...

You just became the beneficiary of our eccentric Founder & CEO, a former medical student himself who is desperate to protect more premeds from crappy, inaccurate, ineffective MCAT prep...and who doesn't seem to care if we make a profit? Here are our Founder's two insane offers for January...only 5% of our seats for Spring 2019 exams remain, so act fast.

Both offers expire January 20, 2019, or when all available seats are full, whichever happens first.

Option #1: Half-Tuition Scholarship for everyone who attends one of our Free MCAT Class Webinars this January

  • Use this scholarship to pay only 1/2 the normal tuition for our live, face-to-face Classroom Course, or apply it toward one of our elite 1-on-1 MCAT Mentoring Programs--which include our groundbreaking 90th-Percentile Score Guarantee: If you complete a Platinum, Gold or Silver Mentoring Program you will score in the 90th-percentile or above, or else Altius will continue working with you for FREE until you do.

  • These are the mentoring programs that produce the MCAT scores that have made Altius famous. A 2018 study by independent accountant TD Price reports that Altius students improve their MCAT score by an average of 15 points and are 900% more likely to score in the 99th-percentile.

  • This scholarship, coupled with a payment plan, reduces your tuition for our Silver 1-on-1 Mentoring Program to only $384/month. That's tuition you can cover delivering a few pizzas!

  • How to Claim Your Half-Tuition Scholarship: To claim this scholarship, you must RSVP for, and attend, one of the "Free MCAT Class" webinars being held this January. Choose from Monday, January 14th at 4:00 PM MTN or Thursday, January 17th at 7:00 PM MTN. An RSVP is required using the following link: .

Option #2: 90-Day Classroom Course FREE w/ the Purchase of the Premier Self-Paced Study Package

  • Purchase our industry-leading Premier Self-Paced Study Package for only $399 (80% OFF List Price of $1,999) and receive our 90-Day Classroom Course for FREE. That's BOTH a $1,999 Self-Paced MCAT Course AND a $2,499 Classroom Course, for only $399.

  • Together, the 90-Day Classroom Course and the Premier Self-Paced Study Package give you all the most accurate practice materials, more classroom sessions than a Kaplan lecture course (14 vs. 12), and an additional 4 hours of online tutoring every single week...all for $2,000 less.

    • 10 Group Sessions - Interactive classroom sessions focused on problem-solving and critical thinking
    • 2 Mastery Sessions - Interactive review sessions providing spaced repetition of previous content
    • 2 Exam Review Sessions - Review your exams with an experienced MCAT Mentor to pinpoint specific ways to improve your score
    • 4 Hours of Online Tutoring Each Week - Open office hours hosted by our most elite MCAT mentors
    • 14 Full-Length Exams (10 Altius Exams + All 4 AAMC Exams)
    • Altius Section Bank + All AAMC Section Banks
    • Two (2) Hard-Copy MCAT Books: Altius Student Study Manual + AAMC Official Guide
    • One-Full-Year of Access to the Altius Student Study Portal - Thousands of videos, animations, tutorials, digital copies of everything for studying on-the-go, recorded classroom sessions, free admissions tools, and more...

  • How to Claim Your FREE 90-Day Classroom Course: To claim your FREE 90-Day Classroom Course, you must purchase the Premier Self-Paced Package on or before January 20, 2019 using the following link: .

No More Excuses...

With options this affordable, and a cadre of elite 95-100th-percentile MCAT Mentors standing ready to assist you, there is no reason any student should score poorly on the MCAT. Let's do this together! On-site options all across the U.S., or anywhere in the world via our MCAT Everywhere HD Webinar Platform:

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