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New AMCAS Advantage Program

May 10 2019

NEW  AMCAS® Advantage Program
Before you submit…Have Your Entire Med School Application Reviewed by Current Admissions Officers

Now medical school applicants can get an unprecedented “Sneak Peek” at exactly how admissions committees will respond to their application.
There’s never been a better way to gain an advantage over other applicants.

How It Works
To get our clients insider knowledge into the application review process, Altius has created the first-ever admissions committee (ADCOM) designed specifically to review students’ applications before formal submission through AMCAS.

The Altius Admissions Committee (Altius ADCOM) is composed exclusively of current and former admissions officers at U.S. Medical Schools. The Altius ADCOM gives our clients unprecedented access to the inner workings of the application review process―including the actual thoughts, comments, and reactions of real admissions officers as they review your application.

Step 1: Complete Your Application
Complete your full AMCAS application, including all sections, your personal statement, and your 15 Activities section. Send your completed application to Altius. Be sure to include a list of the schools to which you plan to apply.

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Step 2: Complete Your Secondary
Altius will send you a Secondary Application similar to what you’ll receive from most medical schools, including one of the actual secondary essay prompts currently in use. Complete and return your Secondary Application promptly.

Step 3: Application Review
The Altius ADCOM meets weekly. They review submitted applications using a process nearly identical to that used by most MD medical schools. They will spend considerable time reviewing all parts of your application, about double to triple the amount of time spent per application at most schools.

Step 4: Report & Feedback
Unlike a normal ADCOM review, the contents of which are never known to the applicant, the Altius ADCOM will send you detailed feedback on each key component of your application, along with suggested areas for improvement. Your competitiveness relative to other applicants will be reported for eight different aspects of your overall application.

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Wish you could be a hidden observer while your dream school reviews your application?  This is your chance!

Your full AMCAS Advantage Application Review includes the following insider information from actual ADCOM officers:
  • GPA and Transcript Evaluation
  • MCAT Score Review
  • 15 Activities Section Evaluation
  • Secondary Essay Evaluation
  • Detailed ADCOM Feedback Report, including:
    • The committee’s overall impression of your candidacy.
    • Whether the committee would have voted to accept or reject your application had it been submitted to their medical school.
    • Competitiveness Ranking Score for GPA, MCAT, 15 Activities, Secondary, and four (4) core applicant characteristics: Leadership, Research, Service Orientation, and Clinical Experience.
    • Specific suggestions for strengthening your application.

Total price for all the above…only $899

The limited number of real ADCOMs on our team means the number of seats in the AMCAS Advantage is strictly limited. Enroll in AMCAS Advantage Now

Return on Your Investment

The average student will spend $6,000-8,000 on the application process alone. The  AMCAS Advantage Package  saves you on application costs now, and in many cases can even earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

  • FIRST , getting a sneak peek into the ADCOMs thinking allows you to fix or improve your application before formal submission. That kind of advantage will almost certainly gain you acceptance to schools you wouldn’t have gotten into otherwise. For many students, it will be the difference between getting into medical school and not getting in. Receiving multiple and/or early acceptances will save you $1,000s of dollars in travel expenses alone.
  • SECOND , having an accurate estimate of your competitiveness lets you target the right schools without over-applying. Applying to 10-12 carefully-selected schools is best. Unfortunately, many applicants take the “shotgun” approach, wasting several thousand dollars on application and secondary fees.
  • THIRD, by working directly with actual MD Admissions Officers, you will gain insider information about exactly what schools are looking for in top applicants—the kind of applicants who receive scholarship offers. Our clients frequently receive scholarships offers in the $100,000-200,000+ range.
  • FINALLY , try for yourself to put a numerical value on the benefits of being accepted to a top tier school, compared to barely getting into your state school, or not getting in at all and having to reapply next year. $999 now could literally save you $6,000-10,000 in the short-term and result in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long-term in the form of scholarships and future earnings.

ADD a Complete Interview Package – Only $499
For only $499, boost your AMCAS Advantage Package with the addition of live, face-to-face interviews with two actual admissions officers. These interviews are performed exclusively by current and former ADCOM members with previous experience interviewing candidates at an accredited U.S. medical school.
  • Two (2) separate 30-Minute Interviews with two different ADCOM members from two different medical schools.
  • Complete  Interview Report (IR). Your IR includes detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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The first 50 students who enroll in the AMCAS® Advantage Program will receive $400 OFF. That's only $499!

Expires May 15, 2019  or after the 50th student claims this offer, whichever happens first.

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Complete Admissions Package Options
Proven experts with actual admissions experience guiding you from start to finish.
Finally, you can relax. We’ve got you covered.
Package #1: AMCAS Advantage + Mock Interview
  • AMCAS Advantage Package (Reg. $999)
  • Mock Interview Package (Reg. $499)

Total Regular Price: $1,498
Package Price: Only $999
Call to Enroll: (435) 671-5783
Package #2: Ultimate Platinum Admissions Program
Platinum 1-on-1 Admissions Mentoring + AMCAS Advantage + Mock Interview
  • Platinum 1-on-1 Admissions Program (Reg. $2,999)
    • 24/7 1-on-1 Admissions Mentoring
    • 1-on-1 Help with every single aspect of your AMCAS application
    • Customized list of Target Schools
    • Up to 10 Hours of back-and-forth edits with current and former ADCOMs
    • 1-on-1 Help with up to three (3) Secondary Applications
  • AMCAS Advantage Package (Reg. $999)
  • Mock Interview Package (Reg. $499)

Total Regular Price: $4,497‬
Package Price:  Only $2,897
Save $1,600!
Call to Enroll: (435) 671-5783

Disclaimers: Altius cannot guarantee admission to any medical school. AMCAS® is a registered trademark of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The AAMC is in no way affiliated with Altius or its admissions programs. No endorsement is implied.

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