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Renowned Altius MCAT Program Now Available Everywhere in the United States and Canada.

Jun 05 2018

We are pleased to announce that the critically-acclaimed Altius MCAT Prep Program is now available to students living anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. If you can access the internet using your laptop, Mac, or PC—or if you have cellular service for your mobile device—you have the best MCAT prep program in the country right at your fingertips! 

How it Works
Nationwide access is now possible with the introduction of our new MCAT Everywhere™ course option. As with any traditional Altius program at one of our 140+ brick and mortar locations, you'll still receive one-on-one mentoring from one of our elite MCAT instructors, 24-hour access to your assigned tutor for additional questions and support, and hundreds of hours of live, interactive classroom instruction. You will meet with your tutor live and face-to-face over the internet. Classes and student study groups will be held in a live virtual classroom. Our top-of-the-line web conferencing software delivers crystal clear HD video and enhanced streaming audio. In addition, you can share your computer or device screen, exchange files, and write on a virtual whiteboard. Both private tutoring and classroom sessions are recorded and available to you later for detailed review.

The Ultimate in Convenience
At work, at school, on the bus, or even at the beach—the Altius MCAT program goes with you. All of your Altius study materials are available online 24/7. Simply log-in to your account to study from the Altius Student Manual, attempt practice questions, view solutions, watch recorded video instruction, explore animated tutorials, or take a practice exam. Our innovative new online scheduling app allows you to schedule a study group with other Altius students, or join an existing one. You can coordinate an in-person study group with other MCAT Everywhere™ students in your area, or participate in an online study group with students from all over the country. All of the MCAT Everywhere™ study resources are also available to our on-site students. This allows students to meet in-person, but still access their study materials on the go.

By Popular Demand
Over the past thirteen years, the Altius MCAT program has seen unprecedented success—nearly doubling enrollment every single year, and consistently producing average MCAT scores in the 90th percentile. These unusually high scores have prompted rapidly growing nationwide interest. Students from as far away as New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and even Canada, have temporarily moved to a city with an Altius location just to take one of our courses. It has been an honor and a pleasure to teach these dedicated students who come from all over the country. However, we are extremely happy that their friends and cohorts can now enjoy the unique Altius MCAT experience wherever they happen to live.

Limited Enrollment
That old phrase, “Space is limited,” and its sister, “Supplies are limited,” are usually nothing more than marketing gimmicks. At Altius, we don’t play games, but space truly is limited—and that’s just the doggone truth. We can’t squeeze one more new student into a growing lecture class—every new student has to be assigned to their own private tutor. As a result of this one-on-one approach, once all of our tutors have filled their rosters, we have to turn students away. No, we are not trying to pressure you. It’s unlikely we’ll run out of space tomorrow, or the next day—but by December of last year we were turning students away at most locations. Dozens of students in Missouri, Kansas, and Oregon couldn’t take their local Altius course because we simply didn’t have room. That is likely to happen even more quickly this year, likely in October or November. Interested students can pre-enroll today for the MCAT Everywhere™ course by visiting the Programs Page. The Classroom-Only, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and both Summer Full-Immersion packages are all available either on-site , or via MCAT Everywhere™. 

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