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Holiday MCAT Gift Offer

Dec 01 2018

Enrollment in Altius 1-on-1 Mentoring Programs is at an all-time high...and is growing daily. All available seats in our winter and spring 2019 MCAT Courses will be full any day now. Why are so many premeds choosing Altius? Because we consistently produce incredible MCAT score results...while status quo prep methods do not. 
  • For 13 years in a row, Altius grads have averaged approximately the 90th percentile (88th-95th) on the MCAT. Last year, the average score among all Altius 1-on-1 mentoring students was 515.1. 
  • Altius grads are 10X more likely than all other examinees to score in the 99th-100th percentile. 
  • Altius GUARANTEES you will score in at least the 90th Percentile. If you complete a Silver, Gold or Platinum program in its entirety, but do not reach the 90th percentile, we will work with you FOREVER, for FREE until you do:
Watching Altius catch fire nationwide has been a joy to witness. This Holiday Season, our team is feeling particularly blessed. As our way of giving back, we're offering every pre-med a special Holiday MCAT Gift...

Holiday MCAT Gift Offer

Offer expires immediately when winter/spring enrollment reaches 90% capacity.

Each student may choose one (1) of the following gifts:

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  • Gift #1: Holiday Tuition Voucher. For serious students who want the highest possible score. Includes our renowned 90th-Percentile Score Guarantee 
    • $1,500 Voucher for the Platinum 1-on-1 Mentoring Program 
    • $1,000 Voucher for the Gold or Silver 1-on-1 Mentoring Program
  • Gift #2: Classroom Voucher. For confident students who can score well without a 1-on-1 mentor, but still want the most accurate practice materials and a scientifically-backed interactive classroom experience.
    • $800 Voucher for the Classroom-Only Program
  • Gift #3: Self-Paced Voucher. For serious Self-Study students who want all the best practice materials from Altius and the AAMC, plus hard copy books, access to the Altius Student Study Portal, and more. Everything you could possibly need to self-study for the MCAT.
    • 75% Discount Voucher for the Premier Self-Paced Program [$1,999 only $499]
  • Gift #4: FREE 90-Day MCAT Course. For financially disadvantaged students who otherwise might not be able to afford MCAT prep. While it won't produce the same results as our 1-on-1 mentoring programs, this option still gives you MORE than the traditional $2,000+ lecture-based course...but is offered tuition-free.
    • FREE 90-Day MCAT Course

How to Claim Your Gift...

Visit the following page and select your preferred gift from the drop-down menu. An Altius representative will contact you shortly to finalize the details of your participation:

IMPORTANT NOTES: Students who select Gift #1 are GUARANTEED a 90th-Percentile Score if they complete all aspects of their selected mentoring program. Options 2, 3 and 4 do not include 1-on-1 mentoring and therefore do not qualify for this guarantee. All programs revert to regular list price once the 90% enrollment threshold is reached. Applicable to new students only. Payment plans are available.

There's a reason 95% of our reviews on Facebook are 5 stars...

We send the warmest Holiday wishes to all the advisors, club officers, students and parents who work so hard to make today's pre-meds into tomorrow's doctors. Merry Christmas!

The Altius MCAT Team


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