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Fall Accelerated Track

Aug 02 2019

Altius Fall Accelerated MCAT Program

  • Finish in one semester. The Fall Accelerated Track delivers the complete Altius MCAT System in only twelve (12) short weeks.
  • Typical Weekly Schedule: You will attend two (2) Group Sessions each week, study and review two (2) chapters of the Altius Student Study Manual, attend one (1) Mastery Session, and join one (1) Proctored Study Hall. Classes end in mid-December. You'll then complete the "Final Prep Checklist" which walks you through regular full-length exams, 1-on-1 Exam Reviews with your tutor, and other final preparations.
  • The ideal extension for students who studied this past summer. Many students study for the MCAT in the summer, but realize they aren't quite ready to take the exam in September. The Fall Accelerated Track is an ideal program to take you from wherever you are currently to a 95th-percentile score in January.
  • 100% Live, Face-to-Face: All aspects of the Fall Accelerated Track are delivered via live, face-to-face webinar. Interact with your tutor and fellow students in real-time using HD video and enhanced audio. 
  • Online Student Study Portal: One (1) full year of access to our Online Student Study Portal, including digital versions of all books, question sets, keys, recorded sessions, and other resources. Study from your laptop, phone, or mobile device anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • All Inclusive: Everything You'll Need to Destroy the MCAT! 
    • Choose from 15, 25, or 40 hours of 1-on-1 Private Tutoring
    • 32 Live Group Sessions [2.5 hours each]
    • 16 Live Mastery Sessions [2.5 hours each - Gold/Platinum Only]
    • 16 Live Proctored Study Hall Sessions [2.5 hours each]
    • Hard copy of the Altius Student Study Manual
    • Hard copy of the Official Guide to the MCAT
    • 21 End-of-Chapter Question Sets & Keys
    • 21 In-Chapter Italicized Question Sets & Keys
    • Dozens of On-Demand recorded classroom sessions
    • EMP Study Links: A curated list of the best MCAT tutorials, videos, and animations for each topic
    • FREE online Admissions Resources
    • 10 Altius Full-Length Exams
    • All AAMC Full-Length Exams
    • AAMC Section Banks
    • 60+ Subject-Specific MCAT Mini-Exams
    • 14-Day Money-Back Trial Period

Classes begin the week of September 23rd. Final enrollment deadline is September 30th.

To enroll, select your desired program level (Platinum, Gold, or Silver) from the programs page: During checkout, select "Fall Accelerated" as your study track. 

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