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October $1M Scholarship Initiative

Oct 01 2019

To qualify for a $1,200 scholarship for you AND other pre-meds at your school--up to a maximum of $50,000 per school or $1,000,000 total--your institution will need to enroll in our University Scholarship Program. It is 100% FREE for your school to participate!

How to Qualify for a $1,200 Scholarship

  • STEP 1: Complete the Scholarship Request Form. This lets your advisors and pre-med club officers know that you're interested in receiving a $1,200 scholarship (requires about 1-minute to complete):
  • STEP 2: Follow all Requirements Set by Your Institution. Altius will work with your advisors and club officers to finalize enrollment in the program and distribute the scholarships.

How to Save $500 Instantly

If you'd rather not wait for scholarship funds and want to start prepping right away, take advantage of our generous October Promotion. Save $500 on almost everything! Offer Expires October 31st.

  • ‚ÄčInstant $500 Tuition Discount on any Platinum, Gold,or Silver 1-on-1 MCAT Program when you use code OCTOBER500 during checkout:
  • Tight Budget? Our goal is to make 1-on-1 mentoring accessible to more students. If our reduced pricing is still a stretch for your personal situation, consider our groundbreaking MCAT classroom program. This October, you'll save over $1,200 on our Elite MCAT Classroom Course. Compared to a Kaplan course, you'll also get TWICE as many classes, DOUBLE the Money-Back Guarantee, and pay only ONE-HALF the tuition.
    • Classroom Course Elsewhere: $2,499
    • Altius Elite Classroom Course: only $1,249

How to Save Up to $2,500

For students with the potential to become future MCAT instructors, we offer a Mentor-In-Training Scholarship worth up to $2,000. Through October 31st only, successful applicants can combine this scholarship with the $500 October promo for a total tuition reduction of $2,500. Recipients are selected based on propensity for helping others. Elite scholastics aren't necessary, as we have that part taken care of already. If you're willing to work, and your heart is in the right place, our system can help even the most academically-challenged students earn 515+ MCAT scores.

Interested students should apply here: 

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