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September MCAT Sale

Sep 01 2019

Classes begin the last week of September

Sale Ends Monday September 30th! 

How To Claim Your $2,600 Tuition Credit

To qualify for up to $2,600 in total tuition credits, simply complete the Mentor-In-Training application found here: Most applicants qualify for a $2,000 scholarship, which can be combined with our $600 September promotion to save you a total of $2,600!  As a Mentor-In-Training Scholar you will receive extra help and attention from our most qualified MCAT Mentors. We'll help you get a minimum 515 MCAT score, then we'll hire you to be a part-time MCAT Mentor startiing at $25/hour. If for any reason you do not earn the minimum score required to become an Altius Mentor, you have no obligation to re-pay your scholarship. Amazing scholarship. Incredible MCAT score. High-paying job! But you must act now. This $2,600 opportunity ends on Monday September 30th.

Fill out the Mentor-In-Training application now: 


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Prefer Classroom or Self-Study?

Our singular goal at Altius is to maximize student achievement...and 1-on-1 MCAT Mentoring does that better than any other method, period. For that reason, we don't widely promote our classroom-only and self-study courses. However, if that's the way you are leaning, be sure to compare Altius' offerings to that of competitors like Kaplan. Failure to do so could result in paying a lot more...for a lot less.

Don't waste your money! 

Altius is ALWAYS less expensive, regardless of the method or program you prefer:

  • Elite MCAT Classroom Course

      • 24 Classroom Sessions 
      • FREE 1-on-1 Full-Length Exam Review, Full MCAT Curriculum Package, and much more
      • Only $1,249 (Compare to $2,499 at Kaplan for only 12 Classroom Sessions) 
      • Subsidized to only $899 if your school participates in our University Scholarship Program

  • Premier Self-Paced Study Package

      • All the curriculum you will need for the MCAT, including all the available AAMC exams
      • Two Section Banks: One from Altius and one from the AAMC
      • Two Hard-Copy Books: The Altius Student Study Manual
      • One Full-Year of Access to the Altius Student Study Portal
      • Only $499 for a Limited Time

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You have two full weeks from the date of purchase to evaluate any Altius MCAT Mentoring Program. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your tuition.
Trial Period available for Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Programs.

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