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The Altius Difference

Your Own Private Tutor and Mentor

  • One-on-one instruction and mentoring from your own personal MCAT tutor
  • 24/7 access to your tutor for questions and additional help
  • The ultimate in personalization: learn at your own pace and focus on your personal needs
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The Most Qualified Instructors

  • Altius tutors earned an average score of 519 on MCAT-2015—or the 98th percentile
  • We have numerous tutors with 99th and 100th percentile scores
  • Altius is the only program that requires all instructors to have previous paid teaching or tutoring experience
  • Tutors undergo a rigorous training and certification process
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Fully-Interactive Small-Group Seminars

  • Study in an active, hands-on, small-group environment
  • Scientifically-proven teaching methods
  • No boring, ineffective lectures
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL): Learn by doing
  • More hours of live instruction than any other program
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Intensive Review & Repetition

  • Other courses cover each topic only once during one specific class
  • Altius reviews every MCAT topic multiple times, each time utilizing a different learning environment
  • Multiple spaced repetitions is a scientifically-proven method to develop long-term conceptual mastery
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Altius is 100% focused on the MCAT

  • We are MCAT specialists—it is the only thing we do.
  • In many prep courses, the MCAT is only one of a dozen or more exams.
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Exclusive 3X Guarantee

  • No one stands behind their students like Altius
  • #1: Altius will match any competitor’s guarantee policy
  • #2: Two-week Money-Back Trial Period from the date of purchase
  • #3: We will match any competitor's regular or sale price on comparable services
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Higher MCAT Scores

  • Everything else we do builds up to this—getting our students higher MCAT scores!
  • Altius is the only prep course to release third-party verified student score results
  • In 2016, our graduates averaged a 515 on the new MCAT
  • Altius students are ten times more likely to earn a 520 or above
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Why Altius?

  • #1 Your Own Personal Tutor
  • #2 The Most Qualified Instructors
  • #3 Engaging Small-Group Seminars
  • #4 Intensive Review & Repetition
  • #5 100% Focused on the MCAT
  • #6 Exclusive 3X Guarantee
  • #7 Higher MCAT Scores!
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FREE 2Week

You have two full weeks from the date of purchase to evaluate any Altius MCAT Mentoring Program. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your tuition.
Trial Period available for Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Programs.

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