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What do fomer students say about Altius?

Here are a few selected comments from former Altius students. We could present you with page after page of positive comments lauding the Altius program. We encourage you to seek out friends in your area who may have taken the program and hear it from them personally.

Barak Clement | Portland State University

 Altius prepared me for the MCAT and my personal essay better than I ever could have alone. Being four years out of college, I was worried; but my tutor knew just what to help me focus on. Throughout the class she and the rest of the Altius staff were incredibly supportive. I have only good things to say about the Altius program and wish I could write more. Thanks for everything and I will spread the word as much as I can about how awesome your program is!


Oleg Sostin | Portland State University

 I just want to tell you that you helped prepare us very well for the MCAT. Many of the questions on the real test I took seemed to come directly out of the Altius lessons. It was amazing! The Altius program is definitely well worth the investment. In fact, based on what other people are charging for their courses, you should probably charge a lot more.


Sierra Debenham | University of Utah

 The unique study tools and strategies Altius taught me not only helped me ace the MCAT, but have proven to be very effective when applied to my medical school coursework. In fact, my medical school instructors saw my tremendous success with the medical curriculum and asked if I would become a tutor and teach my methods to others. I told them they weren’t “my methods,” but I could ask Altius for permission to teach them. Altius gladly gave me that permission and now I am teaching Altius strategies to my colleagues. If you want to learn outstanding strategies that will serve you now and in the future, go with Altius!


Jabiz Behzadpour | University of Kansas

 Altius sets very high expectations for their students, and they also give them the proper tools and one-on-one instruction necessary to make those expectations realistic and achievable.


Mark Dewsnup | Brigham Young University

 Going into the Altius program I would have been happy with a 30. But, as I progressed through the program I realized just how effective the Altius methods are, and set my sights quite a bit higher. While taking the Altius course, my composite score jumped 10 points! I now have an amazing score that I am confident will open many doors for me. I truly believe that through hard work and adherence to this program, anyone can score well.


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