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What do fomer students say about Altius?

Here are a few selected comments from former Altius students. We could present you with page after page of positive comments lauding the Altius program. We encourage you to seek out friends in your area who may have taken the program and hear it from them personally.

Taylor Leigh King | Brigham Young University

I always considered myself to be a hard worker and a pretty good student. I wanted to study on my own until I took a practice test. I got absolutely rocked, and realized that the MCAT covers way more material than I could hope to learn on my own. My tutor worked with me to identify the areas that I needed the most work. He helped me understand things that I had never fully mastered. I can honestly say that I have become a better student in all of my classes since studying with Altius. I am able to pick out the important things I need to know, and I actually spend less time studying. The amazing part is that my grades have gone up even while spending less time studying.


David Gabrielsen | Brigham Young University

 I know the Altius program works. By applying the basic guidelines and test taking strategies laid out by the course, I achieved an exceptional score on the MCAT above the 99th percentile. Altius constantly encourages their students to aim for higher goals and never settle for mediocrity. This aspect of Altius pushing students to work harder was one of my favorite parts of the program.


Jeff Falco | Brigham Young University

 I would like to mention my experience with Altius. Before I entered the program I had scored a 21 on my first practice MCAT. I felt disheartened and uncertain about my ability to get into medical school. I had heard great things about Altius and enrolled hoping to achieve a competitive score. After many hours of study and support from my tutor, I was able to raise my score 16 points on my real MCAT. I am a powerful example of the effectiveness of the Altius program!


Paydon Newman | Dixie State University

Hey Altius. I just wanted to let you know that my university school work is much easier now that I've learned some Altius ways of approaching learning. Just thought I’d let ya know. Thanks!


John Fuhrman | Portland State University

 Thank you for a very effective program. It was so powerful, the AAMC may need to change the exam if Altius becomes any more popular!


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