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Tomorrow’s Doctors Deserve Better

The test prep industry is broken—filled with false promises, ineffective products, and obscene profit margins. Altius is setting a new standard.
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Altius Perfect-Match MCAT-2015 Practice Tests

The one MCAT-2015 preparation tool no examinee should ever go without!

The MCAT-2015 practice tests offered by big-box prep companies are inaccurate

Achieving excellence at any endeavor requires practice. However, practicing with the wrong materials does more harm than good. Currently, there are only two scored AAMC practice exams available, leaving students desperate for accurate MCAT-2015 practice. Test prep companies have been quick to produce practice tests, but our industry-leading analytics clearly demonstrate that these materials do not accurately prepare you for what you will actually see on test day. In fact, they aren’t even close. But don’t take our word for it; compare practice test passages side-by-side for yourself by viewing the slideshow below.

Click the slideshow button to compare real AAMC MCAT-2015 passages to practice passages from other sources

Tomorrow’s Doctors Deserve Better

Full-Length MCAT Practice Exams

We think tomorrow’s doctors deserve accurate practice tests and materials at an affordable price. To accomplish this goal, Altius assembled the most qualified curriculum development team ever created, featuring:

  • Current and former Admissions Officers
  • 99th-100th percentile MCAT scorers
  • More than 50 of the brightest PhD content experts from across the country
Our team carefully analyzed how the AAMC develops actual MCAT test questions and we matched the AAMC item development process exactly. Because our process is perfectly-matched to the real MCAT, so are our practice materials.


Test Development


Test Development

Status Quo

Test Development
Detailed Item Writer’s Guide Detailed Item Writer’s Guide No Item Writer’s Guide
PhD-only Content Experts PhD-only Content Experts Committee Approach: Item developers include their management team, their “best tutors,” MDs, and some PhDs
Item developers are required to match existing AAMC question blueprints Advanced statistical analysis was used to identify the AAMC question blueprints; Altius item developers were required to match these question blueprints No question blueprints
Extensive Peer Review Process Extensive Double-Blind Peer Review Process No Double-Blind Peer Review Process
All tests contain beta questions All tests contain beta questions No beta questions
Fully standardized using industry best practices for nationwide graduate level examinations Fully standardized using industry best practices for nationwide graduate level examination Limited internal “testing and adjustment,” but no full-scale standardization process
Equated score scales ensure each exam form is of similar difficulty Equated score scales ensure each practice exam is of similar difficulty No equated score scales
Item difficulty is determined using standardization on actual students Item difficulty is determined using standardization on actual students Item difficulty is the opinion of the person who authored the question

Practice tests so realistic and accurate, it’s like taking the MCAT…before you take the MCAT.

The result of our unprecedented effort to recreate the MCAT development process is a set of materials so realistic that our practice tests are statistically indistinguishable from the AAMC on over 100 different metrics. Here are a few of the ways our practice tests hit the mark where others don’t...

  • Item Difficulty Match

    Altius exams feature exactly the same distribution of easy, medium and difficult questions as AAMC materials.

  • Word Count Match

    Altius passages have exactly the same average, minimum, and maximum word counts as AAMC passages.

  • Question Blueprint Match

    Altius exams use the exact same question blueprints as the AAMC and at the same frequencies.

  • Figure Match

    Altius exams use the exact same number and type of figures as AAMC materials.

  • Formatting Match

    Altius passages use the exact same font, figure labels, and detailed formatting as the AAMC passages.

  • Topics Match

    Altius passages test topics in accordance with the exact same survey used by the AAMC to determine its distribution of topics.

  • Standardization Match

    Altius exams are standardized using the exact same statistical methodology used by the AAMC.

  • MCAT-2015 Match

    Other prep companies are repurposing old MCAT passages and questions into MCAT-2015 materials. 100% of the questions and passages in the Altius Perfect-Match MCAT-2015 Practice Exams were made de novo, specifically for MCAT-2015.

The Best MCAT-2015 Testing Software

  • Exactly replicates the AAMC MCAT-2015 exam software
  • Functionality, format, font size, word count—everything is statistically identical. No other MCAT resource is this realistic
  • Dual Enterprise-Level Data Servers: High-capacity redundant computer servers ensure speed and reliability

The Most Detailed Exam Analysis

  • Analyze your practice test results using over 1,500 metrics
  • Categorize your performance by question type, topic, subtopic, Scientific Inquiry & Reasoning Skill, and more
  • View performance measures graphically to visualize trends and long-term progress
  • Track your global performance statistically and graphically across all of the full-length exams you’ve taken

No Comparison

The number of MCAT-2015 practice test resources available for purchase is extremely limited. The few test prep companies who do offer exams usually restrict access to a mere six months, sometimes as little as 45 days! Others restrict the number of times you can attempt the test. All Altius practice exams are good for one full year from the date of purchase and may be attempted an unlimited number of times.

Practice Exams Examcrackers Berkeley Review Next Step
Number of Full-Exams 5 3 5 10
Length of Access 6 months 45 days 6 months 1 year
Number of Attempts Allowed Unlimited Unlimited 5 attempts Unlimited
Price per Exam $50 $37 $30 $30

A preparatory tool no MCAT-2015 examinee should go without

If you wanted to be a professional basketball player, you’d consider it a necessity to practice with a correctly-sized ball and a regulation 10-foot hoop. If your dream was to become an Olympic Gold Medalist in the breaststroke, you’d want to practice in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, not your neighbor’s kiddie pool. If you want to become a physician, you should consider it a necessity to have access to the only MCAT-2015 practice materials that exactly replicate the real thing.


Full-Length Perfect-Match MCAT-2015 Practice Tests

1 Test $40
5 Tests $175
10 Tests $300
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Each Full-Length Exam Features

  • Flexible Exam Delivery Options
  • Chemical & Physical Foundations of Living Systems (CP) - 59 questions
  • Critical Analysis & Reasoning (CAR) - 53 questions
  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems (BB) – 59 questions
  • Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior (PsS) – 59 questions
  • Detailed Exam Analysis – Review and analyze your results using over a thousand different topics, subtopics, difficulty levels, and other metrics.
  • Unlimited attempts of each exam.
  • One (1) full year of access from the date of purchase.

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