Everyone knows that practice
is a key component of success.
We are firm believers in hard work,
but we also know that it’s just
as important to practice on
perfect-match materials. That’s why
we created our own practice exams,
to ensure you log hundreds of hours
in the MCAT before taking it.

We’ve invested millions of dollars to make
our practice exams a perfect-match to the real MCAT.
We’ve done this by:

Item Difficulty Match

Altius exams feature exactly the same distribution of easy, medium and diffcult questions as AAMC materials.

Word Count Match

Altius passages have exactly the same average, minimum, and maximum word count as AAMC passages.

Question Blueprint Match

Altius exams use the exact same question blueprints as the AAMC and at the same frequencies.

Figure Match

Altius exams use the exact same number and type of figures as AAMC materials.

Formatting Match

Altius passages use the exact same font, figure labels, and detailed formatting as the AAMC passages.

Topics Match

Altius passages test topics in accordance with the exact same survey used by the AAMC to determine its distribution of topics.

Standardization Match

Altius exams are standardized using the exact same statistical methodology use by the AAMC.

MCAT-2015 Match

Other prep companies are repurposing old MCAT passages and questions into MCAT-2015 materials. 100% of the questions and passages in the Altius Perfect-Match MCAT-2015 Practice Exams were made de novo, specially for MCAT-2015.

The Best MCAT-2015 Testing Software

Exactly replicates the AAMC MCAT-2015 exam software

Functionality, format, font, size, word count—everything is statistically identical. No other MCAT resource is this realistic

Dual Enterprise-Level Data Servers: High-capacity redundant computer servers ensure speed and reliability

Our students score within 1-2 points of their last practice exam on their actual MCAT

The Most Detailed Exam Analysis

Analyze your practice test results
using over 1,500 metrics

Categorize your performance by
question type, topic, subtopic, Scientific Inquiry & Reasoning Skills, and more

View performance measures graphically to visualize trends and long-term progress

Track your global performance statistically and graphically across all of the full-length exams you’ve taken

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Each Full-Length Exam Features

Flexible Exam Delivery Options

Psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior (PsS) — 59 Questions

Chemical and Physical foundations of living systems (CP) — 59 Questions

Detailed Exam Analysis – Review and analyze your results using over a thousand different topics, subtopics, difficulty levels, and other metrics.

Critical Analysis and reasoning (CAR) — 53 Questions

Unlimited attempts of each exam.

Biological and biochemical foundations of living systems (BB) — 59 Questions

One full year of access from the date of purchase.