Applying to medical school can be overwhelming and extremely competitive. We ease your stress by giving you three massive advantages over your fellow applicants:

Altius Dramatically Increases Your Admissions Success Rate

According to the AAMC, only about 40% of applicants are accepted. It can be discouraging to realize that 6 out of 10 students don’t receive even one acceptance offer. Fortunately, your odds of success more than DOUBLE if you’re an Altius admissions client. Year after year, our clients enjoy a 90% acceptance rate.


An Investment in Yourself that Pays You Back

With an AMCAS application fee, per school fees, secondary application fees, and interview travel, the application process can be prohibitively expensive. Adding professional admissions services may seem out of reach.

Fortunately, our admissions packages usually SAVE our clients money in the long run. We’ve also taken several steps to make admissions tuition more affordable.

Save On Application Fees

The typical student takes a “shotgun” approach by applying to dozens of schools and hoping for a little luck. Your 1-on-1 Admissions Mentor will help you target only the right schools that match your profile, saving you hundreds of dollars in both AMCAS and secondary fees.

Save On Travel Costs

With an expert admissions guide assisting you throughout the process, you will apply more efficiently, receive more acceptances, and spend less time traveling to interviews. Many of our clients will cancel late interviews because they already hold acceptance offers from better schools.

Save Time and Money By Getting It Right the First Time

Most students will miss at least one application cycle before they get their MCAT, AMCAS application, and all the other necessary items in order. Students may finally get things done, but not until late in the application year—which almost always leads to a failed cycle and the need to reapply. This mistake alone will eventually cost you one full year of a physician’s salary (50-100 times the cost of our admissions services). Our step-by-step process and 1-on-1 support mean no missed deadlines, wasted application cycles, or costly “re-applicant” problems.

Access Better Schools and Residency Programs

Our clients not only enjoy greater acceptance rates across the board, they are also accepted at much higher rates to the country’s most elite medical schools. Graduating from a top school opens doors for more competitive specialties and residency programs, which can spell hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in additional income over the long term.

Access Valuable Scholarships

Because our clients submit significantly better applications, they are usually first in line for merit-based scholarships. Our clients regularly receive multiple scholarship offers, with several students each year receiving full-ride offers. Even if you only receive a small, partial scholarship, that alone will cover the cost you paid for Altius Admission support.

Our Students are Admitted to the Best Medical Schools

As a result, our clients are overrepresented at the best schools in the country: