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The test prep industry is broken—filled with false promises, ineffective products, and obscene profit margins. Altius is setting a new standard.
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Learn what thousands of your premed colleagues have discovered over the past ten years—Altius is unlike any other MCAT prep program you have ever encountered. There is NO comparison. We don’t lecture; we mentor. We don’t promote empty score guarantees; we deliver proven score results. This isn’t the mishmash of books, facts, and gimmicks you’ve seen before; this is evidence-based instruction and passionate 1-on-1 tutoring. Give those ineffective big-box prep companies the boot—join the revolution!

Extremely Limited Availability for Spring 2019 Exams  - At many Altius locations across the country we are now full and can no longer accept new students. Nationwide, our January Short-Track Programs, which prepare you for a May or June 2019 exam, are about 90% full. Call us ASAP to see if seats are still available at your school!

Premium MCAT Mentoring Program: The Best of Everything

The Best MCAT System

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  • Private one-on-one tutoring instead of one-size-fits-all classroom instruction
  • Small group, problem-based classroom sessions instead of monotonous lectures
  • Spaced repetition of each MCAT-2015 topic at least 10 times during Private Tutoring, Group Sessions, Mastery Sessions, Student Review Sessions, and Proctored Study Hall

The Best MCAT Value

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  • Altius provides premium MCAT preparation at a price normal people can actually afford; including private tutoring at 60-75% less than the market value.
  • Private MCAT tutoring is obviously superior to classroom lectures, but tutoring has never been the norm because of the gigantic price tag. We’re breaking those rules and making new ones. Now anyone can afford their own private MCAT tutor.
  • Big-box test prep companies charge several thousand dollars for tutoring. An Altius program with regular one-on-one tutoring costs about the same as their classroom lecture course. Can you say “no brainer?”

The Best MCAT Materials

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  • Altius is the only MCAT course in the world to offer double-blind, peer-reviewed, fully standardized MCAT practice materials. Other test prep companies have their “best tutors” write questions for them. There is NO comparison.
  • The Altius Perfect-Match MCAT Practice TestsTM included with every Altius MCAT course have established a new industry standard for practice test accuracy. No student should take the MCAT without these invaluable practice tools.
  • Altius materials focus on conceptual understanding rather than rote memorization. Our materials teach you how to evaluate science critically and think like the AAMC authors who wrote the actual MCAT test.

The Best MCAT Results

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  • Altius graduates have averaged in the 88th-95th percentile on the MCAT for ten years straight—a decade of proven excellence
  • A third-party survey conducted in 2016 by TD Price & Associates reported that Altius graduates are over EIGHT times more likely to earn a score in the 97th percentile or above. Altius is the only MCAT prep course in the world to regularly publish independently-verified student score results.
  • Our students’ proven track record of unusually high MCAT scores speaks for itself.

New Altius Perfect-Match MCAT-2015 Practice Test Package.

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