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Higher Scores for All.

By utilizing superior teaching methods and providing constant one-on-one mentoring, we help every student earn their highest possible MCAT score.
The Altius Difference.

Altius is the only proven MCAT-2015 expert

We are the only MCAT prep company that publishes independently-verified score results. We are committed to delivering the most effective MCAT-2015 program ever created. That is why every year we hire a third-party accountant to document our students’ actual MCAT performance.

Our focus on achieving higher MCAT-2015 scores drives everything we do. Our name, Altius, is Latin for higher. Our motto, “Higher Scores for All,” reflects our conviction that with the right resources and personal instruction, anyone can achieve a higher MCAT score.

The Best MCAT-2015 Program

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  • Private one-on-one tutoring instead of one-size-fits-all classroom instruction
  • Interactive small group seminars instead of monotonous lectures
  • Curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and conceptual mastery instead of rote memorization or plug-n-chug

The Best MCAT-2015 Results

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  • An independent survey reports that students who completed the Altius program averaged in the 90th percentile on their actual MCAT.
  • That same survey reported that 4% of Altius students earned a score in the 99.9th percentile or above, or 10 times more than the national average of 0.4%.
  • Among all MCAT examinees nationwide, 1 out of every 2 students earns a score in the 50th % or below. Nineteen out of every 20  Altius graduates earn a score in the 50th percentile or above.

The Best MCAT-2015 Value

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  • Private tutoring is the Mercedes Benz of MCAT-2015 prep, providing the ultimate level of personalization and flexibility. It is well accepted that tutoring improves learning and motivation compared to other methods. Sounds like the ideal solution, right? Until you have to pay for it.
  • Our least-expensive competitor charges over $4,200 for a tutoring package with 22 sessions.
  • Fortunately, Altius is revolutionizing MCAT-2015 prep by making private tutoring affordable. At Altius we offer 22 tutoring sessions for only $2,299—less than half the going rate.
  • But the value doesn’t end there. A $2,000 MCAT classroom course and a $2,500 admissions package are included with the 22 tutoring sessions at no additional charge. You do the math—Altius MCAT-2015 courses are an unbelievable value.

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