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What do fomer students say about Altius?

Here are a few selected comments from former Altius students. We could present you with page after page of positive comments lauding the Altius program. We encourage you to seek out friends in your area who may have taken the program and hear it from them personally.

Jordan March | Brigham Young University

 This was the only course that I found that was consistently producing scores that I wanted to achieve. I am completely satisfied with Altius, I was able to get the type of score I wanted, and I would recommend Altius to any Pre-Med student out there.


Landon Goggins | Brigham Young University

 Altius is by far the best program out there to prepare yourself for the MCAT. When I walked in to the test I was so confident that I was going to do well, I knew I was going to do well. When I read the passages I knew what questions they were going to ask me because Altius had prepared me so well on strategies that I felt like I, myself was an author of the MCAT.


Matt Haine | Brigham Young University

 Altius has a lot of cool things to offer, but by far the best one is the fact that you have your own private tutor. By the time I took my own MCAT I was so confident in what the MCAT was like I could have written my own test. Even better, if you stick with the Altius program, do well on your test, do all that they ask of you, they will hire you on again as a tutor and you can pay back everything you spent on them within a few weeks.


Ryan Drake | Brigham Young University

 And I’m especially happy with Altius because he’s now been accepted to several medical schools which means we have a future.


Matt Seeley | University of Utah

 The really nice thing about Altius is I knew I had somebody’s cell phone number that was in charge of me, he knew where I was at and he knew what help to provide me to better prepare me for the MCAT.


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