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The Longer You Study The Better.

For many years the status quo MCAT prep companies have offered short 6-12 week courses that usually begin in January or later. Even for the brightest students, this is not enough time to prepare adequately for this arduous exam—especially when you are aiming for the lofty scores Altius students have come to expect.

The shortest study plan we recommend is five months—usually starting in January and taking a May exam. Many students, however, will achieve a much higher score by studying for six to nine months. We offer multiple options to suit the needs of each student.

Early Long Track

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Start in September or October and study for 8-9 months, then take an April or May exam. This is the ideal approach for most students. Even if you believe you could prepare yourself in less time, spreading the course out across two semesters relieves stress, results in fewer conflicts between school and MCAT study, and makes for an overall more pleasant experience. Each year our highest MCAT scores come from among this group. Compared to our other study options, you will have more time in the program, more time to work with your private tutor, and more time to use program resources, so it is also your best value.


Delayed Long Track

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Start in November or December and study for 7-8 months, then take an April or May exam. This approach is not as ideal as starting in September or October, but still much better than waiting until January. Completing even a few aspects of the program during November or December—and then having the materials to study over the Christmas break—will give you a head start on next semester and reduce your stress level.


Short Track

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Start the first or second week of January, study for 5 months, then take a late May or early June exam. This is adequate time for a student who has done very well in their science classes and has the discipline to stick to the program outline with exactness. Students who require a little more time may choose to register for a later exam.


Summer Immersion Program

This is an ultra-fast, highly-intensive 10-week program offered each summer in Salt Lake City, UT, Provo, UT, and Portland, OR. Students come from all over the United States and Canada to participate. It requires 50+ hours per week of MCAT study for ten weeks straight. There are several advantages to the full-immersion approach. You will be eating, sleeping, and breathing MCAT everyday with no outside distractions. You will be studying with some of the best and brightest students from across the country. If you are a serious and diligent student, this could allow you to get the MCAT out of the way over the summer and allow more time for school, applications, and other responsibilities the following year.


Customized Track

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In most cases, the study tracks described above will produce the best results and you should try to accommodate your schedule to one of them if at all possible. However, if you require a specialized study schedule we can always accommodate you. Our new MCAT Everywhere™ system allows you to study almost any time of the year from anywhere in the world as long as you have wireless service or an internet connection.

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